Bonus Poker is a video poker implementation of draw poker that you play one hand at a time.

The difference between Bonus Poker and standard video poker is the payout table is different. You get extra bonus payouts when making certain four of a kind’s.

With Bonus Poker, you receive different payouts for different four of a kinds. After a full house, the rankings go: four 5’s-Kings, four 2’s, four 3’s or 4’s, four Aces, straight flush, and royal flush.

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You can bet one to five coins per hand, and betting additional coins increases the payouts. The smallest coin is one cent, and the largest coin is $1. The lowest winning hand is one pair, and the most valuable winning hand is a royal flush, which awards 4,000 coins. The game deals you a five-card hand, and then gives you the option of replacing one through five of those cards. At that point, a winning hand is determined, and the game pays out according to the paytable.

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